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E118 aluminum double glass casement window with screen

E118 Insulation Aluminum Profile Double Glass Casement Window with screen


  • Insulation

Thermal insulation aluminum profile and High-quality insulated triple glass panes ensure massive energy savings. In addition to optimized energy-efficiency, our minimal window triple-glazed system also provides excellent acoustic insulation and noise reduction of up to 38 dB.


  • Ultra-Slim Design

The virtually invisible fronts of the aluminum profiles emphasize the minimalistic design of aluguard minimal windows. The limitless system configurations and design options offer optimal practical flexibility, so you can select numerous options.


  • Huge open and clean glass surfaces

The frame profile is minimized to allow seamless integration into floors, ceilings and walls. Outer frames are almost completely integrated into walls, so oversized glass dimensions create wide, open living spaces. Maximum natural light infuses your interiors, creating a tranquil, elevated ambiance.

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