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10 Reasons To Install Bi-fold Windows For You Home

  • Kitchen through window

The number one reason you should install a bi-fold window in your home is because it's the perfect kitchen pass-through window. Also known as a service window, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Fold open windows to serve outside guests on the patio. With food and drink, use the space as a buffet during parties and gatherings. 


  • Extra dining space

Your home absolutely needs a bi-fold window as it will create extra dining space! Extending the countertop from the inside out will create an outdoor breakfast bar - just add some high stools and you can enjoy brunch on the patio or give your guests more space when entertaining.

  •  Fresh Air

Who doesn't love fresh air and a cool breeze, whether you're in the mountains, on the beach or in a valley? With bi-folding windows, the windows fold open and create plenty of air circulation for your enjoyment. Perfect for cooling down the house or ventilating the kitchen when you're cooking Brussels sprouts or other smelly foods!


  • Natural Light

Alugaurd Bi-Fold Windows will provide your home with plenty of natural light. Have you ever noticed that when its raining outside, you feel down? We all love natural light because it helps us be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer! 


  • Opinion

Fewer walls, more windows means more views! Bi-fold windows create a large opening that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. Expanding your view to the outdoors creates a feeling of calm, relaxation, and allows you to experience and enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home.


  •  High efficiency and energy saving

Our energy solutions bi-fold windows retain heat in winter and transfer unwanted heat gain in summer. With such energy efficiency, you can save on heating and cooling bills. Additionally, energy-efficient windows enhance the value of the home and increase its appeal to potential buyers.


  •  Screen Options

Aluguard Bi-Fold Windows has a unique screening solution - retractable accordion-style screens when needed to keep insects and other harmful elements out. When the screen is not in use, it can fit into the door frame and be invisible. This is the perfect solution for screening your home while enjoying indoor and outdoor living! 


  •  Aesthetic appeal

Bi-Fold Windows is not only powerful, but also beautiful. alugard Bi-Fold Window Systems are beautiful, high quality, handcrafted products that blend perfectly into your home and add beauty. They are constructed of luxurious wood and can be stained or painted to add elegance to your home. 


  •  Door and window combinations

 Bi-fold windows are great on their own, but they can also be combined with bi-fold door systems to create door and window combinations. Windows and doors connect in the center, turning ordinary spaces into an indoor-outdoor paradise!


  • Ease of use

Bi-Fold Windows is very simple to use. Just unlock the windows and fold them to the side! No more fuss about heavy sliding windows that won't budge when you're going all out. Our windows are manufactured with functionality, aesthetics and ease of use in mind.

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