Aug 31, 2023

The Correct Door Handle Height for House

Have you ever considered the height of the handle?You may not realize that standard door handle height plays a crucial role in accessibility and affects the usability of the space, as it ensures that it is easily accessible to all, including those wh ...
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Jun 25, 2023

Design Ideas for Tramsom Window

Time to talk about transoms. What are they and why should you consider adding them to your home? We'll also discuss the different types of transom windows and how to use them consciously to further enhance the style of your space. If you want mor ...
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Aug 4, 2022

Six Doors that are Popular for Exterior

The power to endure. The beauty of eternity. Total safety. That's what homeowners want for their front door. But which door is best for your home? Buying luxuries and fixtures for your home is more than just choosing the most attractive door you ...
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