Jan 25, 2024

Modern Window Designs with Efficiency

Modern Window Design: A Fusion of Style and EfficiencyIn the world of contemporary home design, windows play a vital role, not only as functional elements but also as key design features that shape the aesthetics and energy efficiency of modern homes ...
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Sep 27, 2023

What are awning windows?

What are awning windows?Awning windows are members of the casement window family, but have one major difference from traditional, side opening casement windows. An awning window pivots from hinges that are mounted at the top and open upward instead o ...
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Sep 14, 2023

Is French door installation the right choice for your home?

French doors provide a wider open space than sliding doors and are an excellent choice if you want to move furniture or large items in or out of your home. French doors are also easier to maintain than sliding doors because they have fewer moving par ...
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Aug 31, 2023

‍Are Aluguard Windows Good Quality?

Aluguard windows are known for their high quality, high performance products. Their windows have been the subject of numerous studies, and the results have always been impressive. ‍Aluguard windows are made from durable materials for a long service l ...
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Aug 12, 2023

How to Improve the U Value of Your Aluminum Window

The development of aluminum windows has come a long way in recent decades – starting with thermal bridges, they have developed into an efficient component, even suitable for passive houses. Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement in a ...
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Jun 27, 2023

Innovative Pocket Sliding Door Glass Wall

Aluminum sliding doors that slide into wall pockets to create fully accessible openings are the latest trend for those completing extensions or building modern new homes. Pocket sliding doors feature an elongated track that makes the sliding door alm ...
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Apr 28, 2023

Lift Sliding door

Transform your living space with more natural light and large openings. Our stunning overhead and sliding doors are bold, beautiful and feature the finest German-made hardware. With premium design and superior energy performance, they add style, flex ...
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Oct 8, 2022

What Is Awning Window?

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out from the bottom for ventilation and rain protection. Often placed on higher walls for privacy, or combined with large fixed windows for better views. Thanks to the top hinge design, these windows natu ...
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Jul 13, 2022

Window Design Ideas

The windows you choose will have a big impact on your next home building or remodeling project. Style, size, shape, color, and placement all require careful consideration. This can be a daunting task for the owner. But Aluguard can provide the perfec ...
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Jun 22, 2022

What are the Benefits of Adding a Sunroom?

Sunrooms are the perfect solution to add function, value and space to your home. Not only do sunrooms provide many sources of enjoyment, but they can also add value to your home without drastically reducing your wallet. Sunrooms are affordable and on ...
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