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Why Choose Aluminum Glass Partitions

Aluminum frame partition-Material composition

Aluminum is the most commonly used building material for fixed frame glass partitions. This lightweight material provides sufficient stiffness and corrosion resistance. Sometimes natural anodizing or powder coating is used to polish the surface of aluminum frames. Another partitioning solution to explore is a finer configuration file system.

Each framework module can also be customized with multiple fillers. Each glass panel is fixed to the frame module by a unique transparent silicon pad, making the transition from glass to aluminum almost imperceptible. You can also choose tempered glass (transparent, colored or opaque) or melamine, medium density fiberboard, veneer, PVC or acrylic board as your partition.


Increase flexibility

Many aluminum partitions are fully removable and can be reconfigured if the needs of the space change. Some aluminum partition systems are modular, easy to install, and have little to no disruption to daily business. The movable wall system can quickly and efficiently convert large gathering Spaces into smaller meeting areas. The flexibility created by the aluminum-framed glass walls means that the space will be functional and aesthetically pleasing.


In addition to being easy to install and not as expensive as permanent partitions, choosing aluminum frame partitions has several additional advantages, including:


Better transparency

Natural light has been proven to improve work efficiency, create a happier work atmosphere, and improve emotions. Unlike typical walls, which only serve as a barrier to natural light, glass partitions with aluminum frames allow more natural light to enter the indoor space from outside the window.


Modern appearance, environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly materials are increasingly used in modern design to reduce their harmful effects on the environment. Glass walls can be made of recycled materials, which can also be recycled when no longer needed.


No burden of continuous maintenance

Glass is a material that is easy to keep clean and maintain. Even after prolonged exposure to moisture and air, glass can resist rust and corrosion. Because it is also stain resistant, it will continue to look great in the coming decades.


A private and quiet work environment

Aluminum glass partitions can be made of transparent, opaque, sandblasted, or even painted double-layer glass, which is very effective in establishing sound insulation and private work spaces.

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