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What are awning windows?

What are awning windows?

Awning windows are members of the casement window family, but have one major difference from traditional, side opening casement windows. An awning window pivots from hinges that are mounted at the top and open upward instead of sideways. If you are searching for windows that provide an abundance of ventilation, awning windows are an excellent choice.Are awning windows good for ventilation? Yes, awning windows open out so that a cross breeze can easily blow through the home.


In most situations awning windows are wider than they are tall, and the entire window sash opens, providing full ventilation from side to side. Since awning windows are hinged at the top and open upward there is nothing in the way of catching a refreshing breeze regardless of the direction of the wind, and the open sash can actually help to tunnel wind into your home.


What are the advantages of an awning window?

One of the main advantages that awning windows have over side pivoting casement windows or slider windows is the fact that when an awning window opens, the raised glass provides a shelter over the window opening, enabling you to enjoy a refreshing breeze even when it is raining without having to worry about letting water leak into your home.


Another advantage of installing awning windows is that they can often be placed high on walls where many traditional style widows would not fit. This trait enables you to enjoy a well ventilated room without compromising wall space. Additionally, an awning window is often placed above or below stationary windows in order to provide adequate ventilation in otherwise stuffy areas.


Operation-opening is as easy as turning a crank. Functionality is easy and manageable for homeowners. 

Safety-the awning windows can be placed higher as their clearance is low. This provides for greater privacy. In addition, there are two locking points on these windows that can provide for a more secure lockdown of the window. 

Product and Breakdown -the hardware used has a lifetime warranty and wear and tear is minimal. This is due to the lack of exposure to the environment, so less likely to corrode. 

Energy efficient -due to double locking mechanisms the window is pulled tighter and this allows for a better seal. Keeping everything more energy-efficient.

Ventilation-improved airflow when grouped with other windows. Can be installed higher so that heat can escape quicker. This improves the airflow into and out of the home. High-wind locations make them less prone to side winds and more exposed to top winds. Awning windows can be left open safely at night for increased air circulation and ventilation.


Screening and weather-rainwaters are prevented from entering the home and the screens can easily be removed from the inside of the home. This keeps things cleaner and safer from the exterior environment.




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