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Choosing the Right Door for Beach House

Beautiful azure blue seas and the breath of fresh air is just a few reasons why many opt for coastal living. Living by the beach exposes your home to unique challenges such as salt air,  moisture-fraught air, harsh elements of nature, sand, ,seagulls strong winds, and potential impact from debris during storms. You can consider these factors when choosing the Best Exterior Doors For Coastal Areas.

Impact Rating

Coastal areas often experience strong winds. Choosing doors with strong wind resistance ratings is essential to safeguard your home against the elements.Doors with impact resistance are designed to withstand the force of debris striking them. This level of protection ensures the safety of your family and belongings and contributes to the longevity of your home's infrastructure. 

When selecting doors for your beach home, prioritize those with strong wind resistance and impact resistance ratings,to meet industry standards for withstanding high winds and impact forces.

Energy Efficiency  

When you think of beach homes, images of waves crashing, sandy shores, and radiant sunsets likely come to mind. Yet, beyond the beautiful scenery, there's a practical side to coastal living that involves keeping your living space comfortable and energy efficient.


Energy-efficient doors with proper insulation can prevent drafts and help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the strain on your HVAC system and ultimately saving you money.


These doors are designed with advanced insulation materials that prevent drafts and heat transfer, helping to keep the indoor temperature steady and comfortable. When choosing doors for your beach home, prioritize those with energy-

efficient features.

UV Protection

UV Resistant Doors are a good option for coastal areas due to the harsh sun exposure. Apart from this benefit, they are also great for the following reasons.UV Resistant Doors Are Durable,with UV Resistant vinyl doors, the scratches and bumps are less noticeable. Doors also hide dirt well, depending on the color of your choice. The upside is that even scuff marks can go unnoticed. 

UV Resistant Doors Are Fade And Rust Resistant

The UV-resistant finish of doors will ensure they can handle harsh weather conditions without risking fading. You can take solace that won’t rot or warp in humid conditions. UV Resistant vinyl doors can also stand the test against salt air, sand, and wind.    

Noise Insulation   

Depending on the location of your beachfront property, there might be noise from the ocean, neighbors, or nearby attractions. Opt for doors that offer effective noise insulation, creating a peaceful and serene interior environment. 

When choosing doors for your beachfront property, inquire about their noise insulation capabilities. Look for features such as multi-layered construction, sound-absorbing materials, and effective weather seals that prevent noise from permeating your home. 

Material Durability  

 Opting for doors made from durable materials is crucial when living on beachfront property.The constant presence of salt-laden air, high humidity, and the occasional battering of storms can take a toll on the longevity of your home's features. Doors, being a key component of your home's architecture, are no exception.


Fiberglass is renowned for its remarkable resistance to moisture, salt air, and temperature fluctuations. These doors are designed to withstand the coastal climate without succumbing to rust, warping, or deterioration.


Aluminum is also a great option since they're inherently resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable choice for coastal properties. These doors offer exceptional strength while remaining lightweight, allowing for smooth operation and ease of use.

Fiberglass and aluminum doors require minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood doors, which may need regular sanding, painting, or staining.


Your front door, regardless of your location, doesn’t have to be boring.  By choosing the right style, colours , materials and performance for your front door, not only will you be able to make a statement, but you can save yourself some money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs on the wrong material of door for your home. Whether you want to make a statement, be bold or just simply have your decor matching the overall theme of your home, the front door shouldn’t be forgotten about when deciding on design features for the house. 

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