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Does Low-E glass make Window Energy Efficient?

If you're looking for energy-efficient windows for your home, you may want to consider low-e glass, often referred to simply as "low-e glass."


What is low-e glass?

Advances in technology over the years have resulted in a range of high-performance products that help your home become more energy efficient. This includes special window coatings that help absorb light energy and improve thermal insulation.


Low-E glass has a coating that reflects short-wave and long-wave infrared rays. The only light that can pass through the low-e coating is visible light. Low emissivity glass prevents heat transfer and ensures that visible light can pass through the glass in both directions. Low E coatings are made from metal oxides and are very thin and transparent, meaning natural light will still flow in. But while this feature is invisible, it makes it difficult to control radiant heat, keeping your home warmer in cooler months and cooler in warmer months. Ultimately, this helps maximize solar energy and reduce utility costs.


Another benefit of low-e windows is protecting your homes interior finishes, such as wall coverings, carpets and furniture fabrics. The less UV and infrared light that passes through, the less likely they are to fade.


Which type of Low-E coated glass is best for my climate?

Not sure which type of Low-E glass is best for you? Before making a decision, it's important to consider your area's climate:


If you live in an extremely cold climate, hard-coated Low-E glass may be your choice because it allows some of the sun's shortwave infrared energy to pass through the glass. This helps heat your home in the winter and allows the glass to reflect long-wave heat energy back into the room.

However, if you live in a cold to hot climate (which covers nearly the entire United States), soft-coated Low-E glass is best because it provides better UV protection and has a better overall U-value. The soft-coat Low-E coating also reflects warm and cold air back into your room instead of letting it leak outside.

When you're trying to decide which window style, size, and design is best for your home, it's also important to consider which type of glass will work best. Low-E coatings play a key role in window performance, saving you money on energy costs, and can significantly reduce fading of furniture and trim by blocking UV rays. Aluguard windows are manufactured with a variety of high-performance, energy-efficient glass options to suit your energy performance and budget needs.

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