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Sunroom in Canada

This is the sunroom of a private villa. The living room on the ground floor extends outwards as there is an open thermal deck making it a usable room. It is a bright and sunny conservatory that provides the owner with planting, lounging and an outdoor room. Can enjoy the breeze outside without worrying about bugs, spent more time here. The little ones can play, they are safe inside the enclosure, but still get the sun and fresh air to keep them happy. Enjoy the tranquility of the yard and the view from the window both day and night. As you sit in this room, we can feel any stress starting to release. It's beautiful and matches the exterior wall panels perfectly. We can blow the breeze, or sit there and close all the sliding doors and windows during a storm and still get the view out of the window. 

Dine morning and evening in this pleasant atmosphere and watch the flowers bloom and the seasons change. The owners love to pamper themselves in this gorgeous solarium. Wraparound windows and doors open to provide a screened porch. If the weather is too hot or too cold, air conditioning/heating will increase overall comfort.