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Mary House

The first impression of the house is of natural light and tranquility. This is achieved through custom configured folding doors and lift sliding windows, creating a true sense of openness and connection to the outdoors in every space. Although the project is open, the owner's careful design achieves privacy. A prominent example is the sunken lounge. This unique and stylish space offers a secluded place to relax and enjoy views of the immaculately landscaped gardens and swimming pool. A predominantly black and white palette creates a refined and moody space, with a hint of tan in the upholstery of the custom seating brightening the space. The area achieves a feeling of intimacy and openness thanks to the sash windows that wrap around the edges.

The heart of the home is an open-plan living area that is both functional and eye-catching. The lounge invites you to relax in the sun, and the dining area with the pristine pool and garden as a backdrop makes for an unforgettable evening of entertainment. Further adding to the ample ventilation are fixed and sash windows, which provide easy opening features and uninterrupted views of the landscaped gardens.